About Us

3 Star CrossFit opened our doors in July 2017 and although we might be a little biased, we genuinely believe we’ve put together the greatest coaching staff in Middle TN. We can’t wait to meet you where you are along your journey in the sport of functional fitness that we’ve grown to love.

Steve Gillis, Owner

Steve Gillis

CF-L2 Trainer / CrossFit Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer / CrossFit Scaling Course certificate / CrossFit Judges Course certificate / U.S. Navy Veteran

Stevie G. (aka: Old Man) has a teacher’s heart. He has been teaching “something” since the age of 16 and trust us, that was a long time ago! His love for CrossFit is contagious so be forewarned– if you spend much time around Stevie G. you just might become addicted to this CrossFit stuff too! He’s also the proud dad of two of our incredible coaches– Kaley & Emily.

Email Stevesteve@3starcrossfit.com

Dustin Roberson, Owner

Dustin Roberson

CF-L2 Trainer / CrossFit Mobility certified / CrossFit Judges Course

Dustin brings his incredible knowledge of movement patterns to the team. Dustin helps our members move efficiently while maintaining proper form and technique. It’s one thing to be able to instruct proper technique, but it’s quite another to actually demonstrate it, and Dustin does this wonderfully!

Email Dustindustin@3starcrossfit.com

Emily Stirling

Emily Gillis

CF-L2 Trainer / CrossFit Weightlifting certified / Burgener Strength seminar coach / Power Monkey Fitness Camp staff / 3-Time USAW National Qualifier / TN state record holder for snatch, clean & jerk, and total / USA Gymnastics Coach

Life looks better upside down if you ask Emily (aka E)! E began gymnastics at the age of 5 and hasn’t left the sport since. She competed at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and once her competitive gymnastics career ended, she started CrossFit and was instantly hooked! Emily manages/coaches gymnastics full-time at Intrigue Gymnastics and is the shorter half of the “Gillis Girls.” She’s a 3-time USAW 45kg National Qualifier and loves using her platform (pun intended!) to inspire others. Emily is also on the FAITH RXD Nashville Leadership Team and hosts gymnastics/weightlifting seminars at gyms where she has the opportunity to share her knowledge with athletes and coaches alike. Please contact her to schedule a seminar at your gym! When she’s not in the gym, Emily enjoys exploring the world on adventures with her husband Cullum.

Email Emilyemily@3starcrossfit.com

Kaley Gillis

Kaley Gillis

CF-L2 Trainer / CrossFit Weightlifting certified / Burgener Strength seminar coach

Kaley was introduced to CrossFit back in 2009 and has been a regular CrossFit gym-goer since 2012. Kaley is a true believer that “if she can do it, anybody can do it!” She has a passion for sharing the many ways CrossFit has benefited her overall well-being and helped her do things she never thought was possible (like waking up to work out at 5AM). Kaley maintains high standards for form and technique, and it is her goal to help members prioritize moving correctly and moving well before advancing to more difficult movements or weights. Kaley is the taller half of the “Gillis Girls.” While she considers weightlifting her strong suit, Kaley is also part of our gymnastics clinic staff. She’s also on the FAITH RXD Nashville Leadership Team.

Ian Randolph

CF-L2 Trainer / USAW Sports Performance Coach / Aerobic Capacity certified / CrossFit Judges course

Ian started CrossFit back in 2015 and began coaching in 2016. He has a Masters in Healthcare Administration, Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, and Associate degree in Kinesiology. Ian played college basketball from 2011-2015 at Parkland College then Bellevue University, where he then went on to work as the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Bellevue from 2016-2020. Beyond coaching, Ian’s hobbies include CrossFit training, weightlifting, fishing, camping and hiking.


CF-L1 Trainer / Burgener Strength certified / The Gymnastics Course certified

One of Mary’s favorite motivations as a coach is helping members break past the voice that says “I can’t” to help them discover anything is possible. She brings that passion to every class! Mary has a B.S. in Nutrition Science and began her professional career as a certified Personal Trainer and Speed & Conditioning Specialist, where she gained experience helping people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities meet their health and fitness goals. She discovered CrossFit in 2017 after becoming a mom and needing a more family-friendly environment than conventional gyms offer. She quickly fell in love with the challenge and community CrossFit provides, and within a few months knew she wanted to coach because of the impact CrossFit had on herself – creating a shift in mentality from how her body looks to what it’s capable of. As an athlete, Mary enjoys competing (especially as a team) for the additional challenge of training for them. As a coach, she understands every one’s fitness journey is different and enjoys working with athletes of all levels – from the first-timer enthusiastic to begin to the seasoned athlete looking to fine-tune their performance.

Check out Mary’s nutrition coaching website – click here!

Mike Edwards

CF-L1 Trainer

Mike is the taller/balder guy around the gym! He found himself in a CrossFit box for the first time in 2012 while in school at Tennessee Tech University. The way it made him feel made the sport an instant passion for him. The challenges and plethora of new things to learn were coming on daily basis. Successes in the gym were coming more frequently and from all aspects of fitness, and he quickly realized every WOD is an opportunity to achieve a goal. CrossFit was way better for Mike than lifting for 2 months to only see his bench max go up 5 lbs. He soon realized he wants everyone to feel the way that CrossFit makes him feel so he began coaching! Mike loves getting people started and staying on the right path toward meeting their fitness goals.

Jasmyn Brooks

CF-L1 Trainer

With a true passion to see others succeed, coupled with a unique drive and determination, Jasmyn is ready to help take you to the next level. As a mother of three little girls, she knows the struggles daily life can place on one’s fitness goals. Jasmyn is dedicated to helping others exceed their goals, meanwhile focusing on proper form and technique. When it comes to this momma, there’s no substitute for hard work and determination!

Abby Braden

CF-L1 Trainer / CrossFit Kids certified

Abby has spent the past 4 years developing her love and knowledge of CrossFit. She graduated from Tennessee Tech University. She loves challenging people to do things they never thought were possible. Abby specializes in not really specializing– which is the true definition of CrossFit! Whether it’s gymnastics, weightlifting, pure cardio, or grunt work, she loves it all. Competing in a few Olympic Weightlifting competitions, Abby knows what good movement looks like and what it takes to achieve it. She can’t wait to show you how to achieve it, too!

Mark Anderson

CF-L1 Trainer / USA Weightlifting Advanced Sport Performance Coach / U.S. Army Veteran

Mark has been doing CrossFit since April 2015. He was immediately hooked, not only because the sport challenged him every day, but also because of the positive atmosphere that surrounded him. In April 2017, Mark made the decision to train exclusively with weightlifting and began competing. He is currently the USAW Tennessee State record holder for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk in his weight class and age division. Mark has successfully completed the USAW Level 1 Sport Performance coaches’ course, USAW Advanced Sport Performance course, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course. He’s always excited to coach CrossFit and weightlifting, but most importantly, he’s excited to help others achieve goals they never thought were possible. For the record, if you ever see Stevie G. beat Mark in a WOD, it’s because Mark let him!


CF-L1 Trainer / CrossFit Masters Course certified

Cara has been a member of 3 Star CrossFit for 4 years. Her passion for CrossFit began from watching her own mother start CrossFit and seeing how much it improved her quality of life at an age when traditionally a decline in activity and health could seem somewhat acceptable. Cara has completed the CrossFit Masters training course and now specializes in working with the “legends” of our generation (age 50 and up) helping them to gain/maintain strength, develop a healthier and more active lifestyle, and retain independence as we age. Her favorite aspect of CrossFit’s functional movements is their ability to transcend into our everyday life. She is a mother of two, a hobby farmer, a novice gardener, and nature lover. She enjoys backyard games of baseball with her family, hiking, fishing, and cooking.  

Chase Bruce

CF-L1 Trainer

Having an athletic background in baseball, Chase experienced a training program that mirrored the style of CrossFit back in 2016. He quickly realized the importance and impact of physical training and how it related to overall performance and well-being, both on and off the field. After graduating high school, he realized that the true passion he had was related to the preparation and training he had experienced through sport. He started CrossFit in 2017, and it has become a passion for him ever since. Chase is a college student working toward a Masters degree in Athletic Training and plans to use that as a platform for his future career. Whether it be in the gym or in life, Chase enjoys seeing people reach their goals and he appreciates the dedication, commitment, and hard work it takes to obtain them. As a CF-L1 trainer, Chase’s number one goal is to push people to become the best they can be and assist them in the pursuit of their own goals.

Emily Adams

CF-L1 Trainer / Gymnastics coach

Emily first started CrossFit in 2018 after retiring from competitive gymnastics. Unsure if anything would ever take its place, she quickly fell in love with the community and challenge that CrossFit provided her. After spending years coaching gymnastics, coaching CrossFit became a natural next step. Emily is a recent graduate of Belmont University earning her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science. She’s now working toward her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Having recovered from multiple injuries herself, Emily is very passionate about educating others on safe and effective movement patterns.