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Hi! My name is Khristin and I’m here to help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals!

IMG_0777I have 10 years experience in the fitness and health industry. I’ve worked with all types of athletes, from pregnant moms to kiddos to  serious athletes.

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Navigating the holidays

With the holiday season officially in full swing it’ll mean more get togethers and family gatherings. This makes it hard to stay on track as far as nutrition goes. 

So, I have a couple tips for staying on track and navigating all those parties.

       1. Have a plan for parties, whether you plan on eating clean or indulging a little bit, have a guide. For me this means I’ll either bring a dish that I know I can eat, plus there’s usually some type of meat and always veggies! The other option is pick one thing you plan on enjoying and balance the rest of your meal with things you normally eat.   

2. Don’t give up on your meal prep, the parties make up a small percentage of your overall food intake. Keeping up with your meal prep will ensure that at least 90% of your food is on point!   

  3. Be mindful of what you are eating if you do choose to splurge, think about how it will make you feel tomorrow, especially if you’ve got friends or even family pressuring you.     Don’t beat yourself up if you do splurge. Just start the next day with an on track breakfast and continue on that track. We all need a treat once upon a blue moon to remind us why we do what we do.   

   4. Take your Probiotics! Foods we don’t usually eat are oftentimes inflammatory to our guts which in turn causes digestive upset. By taking your probiotic you give your guts the ability to not only recover quicker from the upset, but reduce the damage done in the first place.     
5. Don’t forget to get to the gym! It’ll not just improve your mood, but also help you manage your stress. It’ll also help offset any over indulgences as well.  

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself,  take time with your family, and try not to stress out if you do overindulge!

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