Frequently Asked Questions


Is CrossFit for me?
Absolutely! Whether you simply want to be able to carry your grandkids around with ease or you want to be a competitive athlete, CrossFit is for you! We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs. During each class at 3 Star CrossFit, everyone does the same workout, but that workout always has several scaling options. This makes it possible for ALL of us – even with our different body types, backgrounds, personal goals and levels of ability – to workout alongside one another safely.

Will you be different from other CrossFit locations?
Yes and no. Like other CrossFit gyms, we will follow the:
* constantly varied
* functional movements
* performed at high intensity
model of general physical preparedness. However, we strive to be known as the go-to place in Middle Tennessee to take your gymnastics skills to the next level as a CrossFitter, along with having quite possibly the most diverse coaching staff as far as certifications go. If you’ve been doing CrossFit for over a year and are still using bands for your pull-ups, you need to come see us! Want to learn higher level skills such as muscle ups, handstand walks, etc.? Did we mention that we will be next door to Intrigue Gymnastics and CheerVille – Middle TN’s greatest gymnastics and cheerleading gyms! Don’t get us wrong, there will be plenty of barbell work, running, plyometrics, kettlebells, and more to help you achieve your individual goals. Click here to watch a brief video for more insight to our WHY at 3 Star!

Do you have showers, childcare, specialty courses, Open Gym, yummy food, a hot tub and umbrella drinks?
We have 2 showers, a safe space for kids to hang out during class, a Paleo Works fridge for weekly meal delivery, top-of-the-lime equipment, a clean facility, and more great benefits! We also have a grill and an incredible crew of members! Once you’ve officially joined the 3SCF community, you’ll have access to our private Members Only Facebook Group.

Do I need to get in better shape before I try CrossFit?
Definitely not – that’s what CrossFit is for! Never been able to do a pull-up? That’s ok! Never done Olympic weightlifting? That’s ok, too! Don’t be intimidated by what you see on The CrossFit Games on ESPN. We’re here to teach you from the ground up, scaling movements to each individual’s ability and emphasizing proper technique.

I heard CrossFit is dangerous. Is that true?
As with any sport or physical activity, CrossFit can be dangerous if you fail to utilize proper technique, attempt to do something you’re not ready for, don’t warm-up properly, and ignore your body when it’s telling you it needs to stop. Here at 3 Star, your form and technique are more important to us than the amount of weight you can lift with bad form. We want to keep our athletes healthy and happy!

What should I expect at a 3SCF class? Can I come in and do my own thing?
We love this question! Each class at 3SCF is just that – an organized class. Members will be led by our certified coaches through a progression of mobility drills to improve joint movement and function, skill-based warm-ups to prepare your body for the workout, and the WOD (workout of the day). We believe we truly have the best coaches in Middle TN – and beyond 😉 – at 3 Star therefore we operate on classes, plus that builds on our foundation of community. We pride ourselves on our members learning to move safely thanks to our coaches and believe in the importance of following a program so we can track members’ fitness improvements. We have Open Gym options for members on Saturdays/Sundays, and then anytime during the week that a coach will be there outside of class times for Open Gym we share that in our private members only FB group. Come as you are and remember: You don’t have to be great to start, but you DO have to start in order to discover your greatness! Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring plenty of water. Please arrive a few minutes early – classes begin right on time!

What’s with all the CrossFit lingo? What’s a WOD?
WOD = Workout of the Day. Spend some time in the gym with us and soon enough you’ll be throwing out plenty of words like AMRAP, TABATA, RFT, HSPU, KBS, etc. We totally get it if you need to make yourself some flash cards!


Who are these “girls” I hear about, and why does everyone hate Fran?
CrossFit has several “benchmark” WODs, or workouts that we repeat from time to time in order to track our progress. Several of them are named after girls, fallen heroes, specific holidays etc. And why does everyone hate Fran? Come to 3SCF and see for yourself!

How do I get started?!
We thought you’d never ask! To find out more about how to join the 3 Star community, please contact us or click here to schedule a NO SWEAT INTRO!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! Or, “Like” us on Facebook and post us your questions to our page/message us. We’d love to hear from you! Also, be sure to “Follow” us on Instagram @ 3StarCrossFit. Make sure you use #3SCF in your posts and check-in while you’re at the gym.

For additional information about CrossFit, click here!